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Dude, where are my holidays??

The Swiss in Perth is back and he has some more stories from Canada just 4 u

I don't know what the weather is like in Switzerland but I say you've got the warmer temperatures than we have here.
It is always damn cold and you are grateful when you come back from school and your nose is still somewhere in the middle of your face. The temperatures are usually around -10 degrees during the day and it's even colder during the looong nights in Ontario. But we eventually got what I had been waiting for so long...a real snow day on the second last friday before christmas...that was just awesome. We got over 30 centimeters of snow, I got up @ 6.30 and while I was walking downstairs I noticed that both my sister's car and the truck of my hostdad were covered with snow. My hostsister was already watching "A-Channel" and was looking for the school bus report...and there it was, the news that all school busses had been cancelled in Lanark County. We were so excited, I didn't even eat breakfast I just turned around and walked back to my bedroom and slept in until 11 AM. The snow day was the reason why I had 3 days off in a row but that didn't mean party or watching TV at all..I was supposed to work on my final project for my Geography class what I really did. My weekend consisted of doing homework and watching hockey in the evenings. The last week of school simply sucked, I was working on my final project every day and almost everybody was so busy at all the time..The project was due the 22nd of December, that's probably why less than 50% in my classes came to classes and the rest was working on their projects at home. A good friend of mine even drove to NY for a couple of days and he told my that he was working the whole night long on the 21st to get his stuff done...yeah..that's the way things go here in Canada. I guessed that more than 50 percent of all students at school skipped classes on the last was so quiet and nobody was around...that day was just useless although we had damn much fun.
On the following day, my hostfamily took me to Ottawa to meet my hostgrandparents for lunch. I ate way too much because I was always asked if I'd had enough and so I ate more than I actually could.
In the evening I had to go to Church with my family. The church was full and it was pretty good though.
My hostsisters woke me up @ 8 o'clock on the following day...holy cow..and just because of did I deserve that. We opened our gifts, my sister wrapped one of my gifts so many times, it took me 30 minutes to open was funny though. We eventually ate breakfast after 10 o'clock and when I was done I went upstairs and did what I used to do in such cases...continued to sleep.
The following week was pretty boring, I was sitting at home and did nothing at all. That changed on the last day of the year. I was invited to a party with my friends and we had a very good time. Street Hockey, Hot Tub, Snaks and friends..what else do you want?? It was so cool and I guess everybody enjoyed it. The first day of the new year weren't that excited. That's why I couldn't wait until Wednesday when I went to Quebec with a couple of friends of mine and guess what we did...yeah..snowboarding..what else...
It took us 2 hours to get to the closest resort on the other site of the Ottawa River called Edelweiss. We had so much fun although it wasn't a very big resort. Two lifts and a couple of slopes and that was it. The snow was pretty good, only the weather could have been better on that day.
Yesterday I did nothing but watching the World Junior Hockey Final on TV. It was a weak game and Canada eventually won 5:0.
That's it...that's all about my first holidays in Canada
I talk to ya later and take care guys

6.1.06 22:08

Damn...It's already December..

Hei guys

How is it going?
I know, I haven't written for a while and I'm very sorry about that. So where should I begin...
Well, there was that crazy weekend two weeks ago. I already wrote in my last "blog" that I was going to Ottawa on Friday night and guess what I did..yes..I really went to the Nation's Capital. But it wasn't like always when High School students go to the big city. Often people mean when they say that they are going to Ottawa that night, they actually mean Gatineau or Hull. But what's the difference between those two cities and Ottawa. it's actually very easy, Hull and Gatineau are located in the Province of Quebec (damn, they have no idea how to drive a car..but their ski resorts are way better than Ontario's ones)while Ottawa is a part of Ontario. That isn't very special, I know. Insiders know..hei..wasn't the drinking age in Quebec 18 while they drinking age in Ontario is 19??? Yes..that might be the reason why Ottawa teenagers love their neighbours so much.
But we weren't, that's the job of other people. We were swing dancing!!!! That was freaken awesome, although I really looked like a greenhorn beside my dear friends. But I got a pretty good teacher who made me dancing..well..other people would say I just got the control for my feet back.
The following day even became better. I got a ticket for the U2 show in Montreal (that's in Quebec by the way) and so I made my first big trip with some friends of mine and Mike's dad to Montreal. We left Perth at 1:00 PM and arrived at 4.30 PM in Montreal. We first visited friends of Chris somewhere in town and afterwards we went to the huge Bell Centre, where the show was located. The show was just great..over 20 000 people saw Bono and co. rocking until I was was as loud as in Zurich but still brilliant though.
We came back on Sunday morning at 4.30 AM..I was sooo tired. I found myself at Chris's house 8 hours later...why am I always so kind and help people doing something for school on SUNDAY after a LONG NIGHT...because we had fun. We made passes for the Silence Campaign that was scheduled for November 30. Everybody who previously paid 2 bucks for the Free The Children group @ St. John got a pass and was asked to be silent during the whole day. The new week began pretty good for me. My first snow day in my life. We'd had frozen rain during the night, that's the reason why no school busses were scheduled and that means..NO SCHOOL . The Silence Campaign was eventually two days later...Yes..lunch time was fun..everybody was sitting around the table and it was like a funeral. Everybody was silent but one person. She didn't signed up for that campaign because she had to talk to Elementary students who visited St. John that day. Two days after the most silent day in my life I went to Carleton Place with a couple of my friends to watch a musical in which a friend of them was the main actress and she was actually pretty good.
The ride home was horrible. I have to say that the temperatures haven't been over 0 degree for about two weeks. It was even -6 degrees cold that night and we were standing in front of our car. We stared at the window of the driver's side. What the hell was wrong with that thing? It was broken, the car inside was as cold as outside and we had nothing to close the hole. It was so damn cold while we were driving back...ah..windchild. But I had a good jacket and a toque, that's why I wasn't cold but my ankles..damn short socks. The temperatures first reached the - 20 degree limit last Wednesday. It isn't as cold as -20 degree in Switzerland because of the humanity...but it's still cold.
I eventually got my first 4+(6er) two days ago. I was so proud of myself. The truth is that I didn't even study for that test...I love word banks...
On Wednesday evening I was celebrating the Santa Claus Day at Fran Widmer's house. She's also Swiss and she also attends SJCHS. She has been living here since Grade 4..almost 8 years. I'm no longer accustomed to speak my native language...but hei..that happens. I had much fun that night.
Tomorrow I will go to Cornwall to celebrate Christmas @ Joe's house..together with all other exchange students in Eastern Ontario.

So talk to ya later and take care of yourselves

Pascal the Swiss
10.12.05 05:00

Health Care System Canada vs HCS Switzerland 0:1

Hi is it goin'?

Ja, nach knapp 3 wuche m?ldi mi mal wieder..isch jetzte wieder emal ziit eu en chiine Update zghe ?ber miis l?be in Kanada.

Am Samschtig vo 2 Wuche bini mit EF in Ottawa gsi zum Science Centre aluege und go shoppe.
Sisch geil gsi wieder emal e paar uustuusch Sch?eler zgseh und han riisig de pl??sche gha.
Am Suntig d?nn de Skate mit de Senators. man, es h?t es uhuere gem?nge gha dete aber ich hans gschafft und mit em Mike Fisher es Foti ch?ne mache..ganz geil gsi.
De M?ntig isch relativ schn?ll verbii gange und es isch sogar zum teil richtig geil gsi ide Klasse.
Am Tsischtig isch d?nn de wahrschinlichscht schw?rzischti Tag gsi da in Kanada. I Phys Ed h?mmer e Volleyball Wuche gha und das isch relativ geil gsi, will das irgendwie all r?cht guet beh?rschet. D?nn wommer am spiile gsi sind, hani e h?chi voorlaag ?bercho und ich bin uegumpet zum schm?tere. Was nachane passiert isch weissi n?me eso guet. Irgendwie h?t en Teamkolleg gnau sgliiche wel? mache und isch vo hine i mich ine gumped, chopf a chopf. Ich bin n?m zum schm?ttere cho und bin griindvorah uf de Parquet Bode gheit. D'Sportlehrerin h?t mi churtz unde dluupe gno und mich emal an Spiilrand verpflanze lah..Ich han mi zum dem Ziitpunkt n?d emal eso schl?cht gf?hlt. Nach de Stund hani d?nn d?rfe mit de Hilf vo 2 Kollege ufstah, es isch mer zwar echli schummrig gsi aber es isch gange. Nachher bini go Zmittag ?sse, bin aber kei 10 Minute dete ghocket, da isch mit mim Chopf echli duregstartet, han pl?tzli chopfweh ?bercho, ?belkeit und s'Nerveflattere ?bercho.
Nach 30 minute bini d?nn im Spital vo Perth acho, id Notfall Station mit verdacht uf Hirnersch?tterig. Ich han sage und schreibe 40 Minute m?esse ide Notufnahm warte (ja, han mi langsam gfr?get ob die s'Wort Notfall n?d ganz kapieret.
Bin d?nn sp?ter emal ufkl??rt worde, dass 40 Minute nix seg, e Kollegin h?t mit brochene Arm m?sse 4 Stund warte, e ander Kollegin gar 5 f?r irgend?ppis.
De Doktor h?t mit mir sage und schreibe 2 Tescht gmacht..und nach 2 Minute gseit, kei Hirnersch?tterig, es isch alles guet.
Denkste...nach 28 Stund hani immerna Chopfweh gha und bin d?nn namal zrugg, will de Artz gseit h?t, falls schl?chter wiird, eifach namal cho.
Damal bini ?ppe 7 Minute ide Notfall Ufnahm gsi...kanadische Rekord. En andere Dokter h?t mir d?nn 10 Minute under dLuupe gno, h?t unzeliigi Tescht macht und mir erchl?rt, ja, ich heg es gschwullnigs Hirni...n?d schl?cht Pascal.
Mit Aspirin is d?nn in Dunschtig gange. Am Abig h?mmer Coffee House ide SJCHS gha. Das isch sonen Talentabig, mit unzeelige Artischte vo St. John und ich han d?rfe dKasse am iigang mache..das isch na interessant wennmer d?nn emal so Elter? gseht vo mine neue Kollege. D'Show s?lber isch eigentli na ?cht guet gsi. Es h?t e paar..naja..."Leider Nein" Kandidate gha, aber im grosse und ganze isches eifach genial gsi.
De Friitig isch d?nn so vor sich hi gange..isch n?t me passiert.
S'Wuchenend hani mit emene Buechreport vollgstopft gha, l?se,l?se und, das isch so ??d gsi.
Die Wuche isch nur e 4 Tage Wuche 3 Pr?efige am, de ganz Mittwuch Abig am Arsch gsi
Immerhin hani am Dunschtig min Schuelriing ?bercho..das h?t mer de Tag echli entsch?diget.
H?t hani wie gseit Schuelfrei, gange am Abig villicht uf Ottawa in Uusgang, ?bernachte bim Mike (uh, serscht mal vo mim Gaschtdihei weg), will mer morn uf Montreal g?nd....YAAAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOO!
25.11.05 17:12

Ab geht die Luzi...Hunting Season has just begun

Jaaa, und da isch er neue News us de groooosse W?lt in Kanada.
Die erschte 2 T?g vo letscht Wuche hani eu ja scho mal n?cher bracht, die wos nanig w?sset, m?end bloos de vorhergehendi Tegscht l?se.
Am Mittwuch druff isch d?nn en ganz spezielle Tag gsi..Dress Down f?r ali Senior Boys Soccer Player. Ich han mini Sch?eleruniform g?ge miis Fuessballliibli ustusche ch?ne, all 22 L??tli sind mit Schueluniform Hose, Match Jersey und Medaille kleidet id Schuel gange und mer isch vo jedem 2. zum groossartige Sieg gratuliert worde, d'Morning Announcements sind mit emene Halbsiitige Spiilbricht gf?llt gsi und irgendwie isch en normale Schueltag pl?tzlich richtig geil worde. De Oberhammer isch aber, dass euses Team jetzte h??chschtwahrschinli ad Wall Of Fame chunt, das isch e Wand wo mit allne erfolgriiche Athlete und Teams gschm?ckt isch und all Teilnehmende sind namentlich erw?hnt. Jawohl, de Pascal h?t sich scho mal vereewiget.
Am Dunschtig hani d?nn leider wieder ganz normal Schuel gha und zues?tzlich mit einere Religion Pr?efig...und ihr ch?nts glaube oder au n? Pascal isch eigentlich n?d emal so schl?cht wegcho...3+...das isch immerhin ?ber 70%.
Am Friitig isch d?nn wiederemal eso gsi wie jede Friitig..Es isch eifach nix gloffe. So isch au miis Wuchenend gsi, de Merril h?t sich parat gmacht f?r d'Jagtsaison wo h?t gstartet isch, d'Sara h?t mit ihrem Fr?nd z?me sin Geburi gfiiret, d'Megan h?t vo Morge bis Abig gschaffet, d'Andrea h?t ihri pflichte als Studentin erf?llt und h?t b?fflet und ich bin eifach echli am umeschnuufe gsi und han mi mit schwiizer Schoggi gf?eteret...ja, richtig entspannend.
De Suntig isch d?nn ?ppe gnau gliich gsi, ussert dasi d?nn mini Tonne vo Ufzgi erlediget han.
Und de h?tig Tag h?t eigentlich richtig guet agfange..
Ich bin n?d ?ber de huuffe gschosse worde, ich han de Schuelbus verw?tscht (Verpassigs Rate in Canada: 0.00%, n?d wie ide Schwiiz ) und ich han es Senior Privilege gha...jaaa, geil.
Am Namitag h?t mi d?nn de Merril vode Schuel abgholt und d?nn simmer ufd Pirsch..Ich bin, wie sichs gh?rt, in orange Chleider und mim Fotiapparat am Merril an Rand vo eim vo dene unz?lige T?mpel da gfolgt..und nach 10 Minute warte h?t sich doch tats?chlich e sones Deer Viich la blicke lah..aber es isch eifach hammer gsi...Anstatt dass mir es h?nd m?esse verfolge ischs zu eus cho, min Gaschtvater h?t 3 Sekunde bruucht bis er sini Fliinte agsetzt h?t und d?nn gschosse h?t.
De Buck isch zwar abgsecklet und ich han zersch gmeint, er h?t en verf? isch d?nn aber nach 20 Meter umgheit und woomer d?nn nachher ( Achtung...L??t mit vollem Mage und guetem voorstelligsverm?de bitte n?d wiiterl?se) das Viich usgweidet h?nd, h?mmer festgstellt dass es en glatte volltr?ffer gsi isch..respekt uss dere Distanz.
Er h?t en 8.5 Buck mit emene Gwicht vo 163 Pfund gschosse..kei schl?chts Maass und er isch uhuere Entz?ckt gsi, dass er sonen Tr?ffer glandet h?t. Ich han eher Mitleid gha mit dem Viich, aber das isch Kanada..erstens will Jage da halbe Nationalsport isch und h?t eifach zvill Reh da (nur scho bim sekkle gsehni ?ppe 4 l?bigi Viicher und ide Regel e paar toti Waschb?re am Strasserand..ja..that's Canada).
Irgendwie bini aber trotzdem froh, die Erfahrig mal gmacht zha..immerhin isch das da en halbe Grund f?r 2 Wuche Klasse z?mezlegge (h?t isch meh dFrag gsi, wer ISCH id Schuel cho als umgekehrt).
Die Wuche schiint geil Dunnschtig Zw?schez?gnis, am Friitig Veterane Tag, am Samschtig shoppe mit EF in Ottawa und am Suntig.......GEIIIIIIILLLLLLLLL: Skate mit de Ottawa Senators...Ich muess es Bild ha vom Chara und isch irgendwie 6'8" gross und ich grad emal 5'11"..das wird de Hommmm??????.

Also..Take care guys h?nd seeeeee ya.
8.11.05 04:37

Halloween und Fuessball...eifach e geili Kombination

Ja, da bini scho wieder.
Ich han n?d ch?ne warte, bis i eu vo mim erschte Halloween han ch?ne verzelle und na vo ?ppis vill geilerem. Also...
Geschter isch Halloween gsi. Mer h?t sich n?d m?esse mit eusere Schueluniform chleide, wenn mer verchleidet gsi isch. De Pascal h?t das wahrgno, und isch halt als Couch Potato gange (Foti im Internet). All h?nds irgendwie huere geil gfunde, dass de Schwiizer Uustuschsch?eler verchleidet id Schuel isch, dezue ane als CP. Ja, de Tag isch schn?ll dure gsi, und ich han scho for em "Trick or Treat"e scho e morz stimmig gha. Ich bin mit e paar Grade 12 Kollege id Stadt und vo T?r zu T?r. Mer h?nd sau vill Candy ?bercho und dezue ane na ?ssware, womer n?bed dra f?r d`Food Bank gsammlet h?nd. Ihr m?end w?sse, St. John macht extrem vill f?r d`Community, und all findets au irgendwie geil, so ?ppis zmache.
Also bini mit, und mer h?nd 140 Doosene ?bercho, wo f?r armi L??tlis in S?d Amerika und Afrika sind...Eifach geil.
Aber h?t isch d?nn s`geilschte abgloffe..S`R?ckspiel vom Lanark County Final...uuuah. Usswerts in Carleton Place h?mmer vs Notre Dame gspillt. Und was f?r es Spiil. Nach 90 Minute 1:1, nach emene extrem Spannende Spiel. Nachane h?ts 10 Minute Silver Goal OT ghe, da isch aber nix gange.
Drumm h?mer m?esse is Penalty Sch??sse. Man, das isch hert gsi f?r eusi Nerve..mer h?nd aber die st?rchere gha. 1:1 und 5:4 nach Mikey und de Joey sind d`Helde gsi, will si en Penalty ghebt respektiv de letscht entscheidend vers?nkt h?nd.
So hani also zum erschte mal in Canada ch?ne richtig fiire...und ich werte de Titel als gliich wichtig wie de Vize-Schwiizer Meischter Titel i de B Inter im Unihockey.
Eifach hammer geil

Im Mai g?mmer d?nn nach EOSSAA..das sind d`Eastern Ontario Meischterschafte..und will Ost Ontario gr?sser isch als d`Schwiiz, ch?nt das na e Reisli werde..und vorallem..eifach geil

Also, mer gh?rt vonenand

2.11.05 01:45

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